Because Ward Hearing Centre is independently owned and operated, we aren't limited in the products or brands we can offer you. We work with all possible hearing aid manufacturers and custom ear mold labs, and have an in-depth knowledge of their offerings. We regularly attend training sessions to maintain our high level of expertise and service to keep you hearing your very best.  We understand that everyone's hearing needs are different, and some products will fit your lifestyle better than others. 

We are not affiliated/influenced by any of the hearing aid manufacturers or distributors so you can rest assured that our recommendations are based on what is right for you, and the best fit for your hearing needs and budget. All new products include a full manufacturer's warranty. 

All Hearing Aid styles are available:   Including (but not limited to): Custom Models (ie. all In-The-Ear styles) including IIC (Invisible-in-Canal), CIC (Completely-in-Canal), ITC (In-the-Canal), ITE (In-the-Ear), MIH (Mic-in-Helix), BTE Models (all Behind-the-Ear styles) including standard Mini-BTE to High-Power BTE, RIC/RITE BTE (ie. Receiver-In-Canal/Receiver-In-The-Ear), Slim Tube BTE.   

All Hearing Aid Accessories are also available

A short list of manufacturers we work with:

  •    Oticon       (Demant Group)
  •    ReSound  (GN Group)
  •    Phonak    (Sonova Canada)
  •    Unitron     (Sonova Canada)
  •    Signia.      (WS Audiology)
  •    Widex       (WS Audiology)
  •    Beltone     (GN Group)
  •    Starkey     (Starkey Hearing Technologies)
  •    Bernafon.  (Demant Group)
  •    Sennheiser

hearing aid manufacturers
hearing aid manufacturers