Our full slate of services will give us insight into your unique hearing needs. Before we make our recommendation to you, we'll make sure we understand not only your hearing needs but your personal concerns about hearing loss, any potential limitations we may face, and what will work best for you. We find solutions that best fit with YOUR hearing needs & budget. 

Hearing Tests

 Without proper information we can't pick the best hearing aid or product for you. We have a professional, wheelchair accessible sound booth and the latest hearing testing equipment. In addition to our advanced equipment, your hearing will be evaluated by an accredited hearing practitioner. 

Contact us and book your appointment with one of our hearing specialists today.


Hearing Aid Evaluation

So you bought your hearing aids elsewhere are they are not working as expected? Book an appointment with us and we'll take a look at your hearing aids and review your hearing history to provide you with an honest evaluation of the aid and its compatibility with your hearing needs. 

Hearing Aid Sales

As an independent clinic, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of hearing aids from numerous manufacturers. Let us help you find the perfect solution for you!  

Since we are not affiliated with any of the hearing aid manufacturers or distributors, you can rest assured that our recommendations are what best fit YOUR hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. 

To learn more about the hearing aids and products you can purchase with us, visit our Products page

Hearing Aid Adjustments

Is your aid not working as expected? More feedback than you'd like? Sound not quite right? We can adjust your hearing aids, using our state of the art equipment, for better performance.

Customized Hearing Protection & Products

We live in a noisy world. As a professional musician and hearing specialist, owner Brian knows first hand how constant loud noises can affect your hearing. If you're working in an industry where your hearing is at risk, such as construction or music, come talk to us for a fully customized, professional hearing solution. We offer noise plugs, sleep plugs, floatable swim plugs and more!

We specialize in working with musicians, and have an in-depth knowledge about what musicians need. Come see us to discuss your options for customized musician plugs and in ear monitors. 

Hearing Accessories & Necessities

Need batteries? Are you looking for something that will help you hear the TV better? Or perhaps you'd like something that works with your hands-free phone. We can discuss available options with you, and with so many choices available, we take care of the details so you can enjoy an un-compromised quality of life. 



In-Office Repairs 

Our fully equipped workshop allows us to make minor repairs and modifications to your hearing aids and custom products on-site. While there will still be times your hearing aid may need to be sent our for repair, our expertise in on-site modification and repair can often save you the hassle of being without your hearing aids for long. 

How We Work

STEP 1: Listen

At Ward Hearing Centre, we believe in following 4 important steps to have you hearing your very best, whether you are brand new to our clinic or a longtime client. Our first step is to listen to your concerns. Hearing loss is different for everyone and their feelings about it are different too. Because listening is where our understanding begins.

STEP 2: Assess

Our next step is to assess your hearing. The initial hearing assessment determines the degree and nature of your hearing loss. Our assessments generally take one hour, and that time is devoted to examining your ears, learning your hearing history and testing your hearing. We encourage you to  bring a friend or family member with you to your appointment- an extra pair of ears is welcome at this and all follow up visits.

STEP 3: Review

After our assessment is complete, we sit together with you and your family and explain your results to you in straightforward language you can understand. We encourage you to ask questions, and we'll take the time to answer them, outlining your options to enriching your hearing. We'll make sure we take into consideration any concerns you have raised, your lifestyle, your specific hearing needs, and your budget before making our recommendation for you. 

Ongoing Support

Our goal is to create an ongoing relationship with you and your family to ensure we are providing you the very best follow-up care for the lifetime of your hearing aids. Managing hearing loss doesn't end with a new set of hearing aids, and so this last step is an on-going one- we aren't happy until you are! Because listening is where our understanding continues. 

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