Hearing Tips


During the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask when out in public has become a common practice. But what if you wear behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids? We want you to feel confident wearing your hearing aids while you are out. We realize that these masks degrade speech and take away the ability to lip-read, so now more than ever, you need your hearing aids!
Here are some tips to keep your hearing aids safely behind your ears:
1. When putting your mask on, take extra care to have your hearing aids near your head, with the elastic on the outside. The order should be HEAD--> (GLASSES if you wear them)--> BTE HEARING AIDS --> MASK ELASTIC OR STRAP.
2. Take extra care when removing your mask, as your BTE hearing aids can easily become caught on the elastic or straps and fall off. Try to limit the number of places you take off your mask (eg. in your car or at home) so that if your hearing aids do come loose they can be easily found in a familiar place. And remember, whenever you safely remove your mask, check your ears and make sure your BTE hearing aids are still on your head before you leave that location!
3. Attach your mask to a headband with buttons, or use a mask extender that holds the elastic of the mask behind your head instead of behind your ears. These can be purchased or made. A simple paperclip will do the trick in a pinch as well! This not only protects the backs of your ears from the elastic but helps keep your hearing aids in place too.
While our office remains temporarily closed, we continue to be here for you with our curb side service! Please call us at (519) 843-4327 or email: wardhearingfergus@gmail.com to make an appointment.